Are you in the Pursuit of You?

from The Midday Latte

Hey, it’s Joscelyn at The Midday Latte! How are you?

Considering we’re in a global pandemic, I’m sure the answer is a lot farther from “good” than we’d all like it to be. I want to get back to good, so right now, I’m in pursuit of my happiness and my best self and I’m really excited to share my journey with you.

The Midday Latte is where I write for other moms. To help them make more time and space in their lives for themselves so they can find their happiness. We get so caught up in loving others that we sometimes forget to love ourselves in healthy ways, in the ways we need.

So I created the Pursuit of You newsletter, where I talk about boundaries, self-worth, and why loving yourself is so important to loving the other people in your life, but it’s not just for moms. I think after a year of social isolation, we could all benefit from re-establishing our boundaries, our goals, and finding our pathway to happy.

Here are a few pieces I’ve published already:

5 Hurtful Truths About Establishing and Enforcing Healthy Boundaries

How to Enforce Your Boundaries Even When You Have No Choice

Do You Give People the Option to Care?

I hope you find them helpful, and I hope you’re able to take some time out for you today to reset your focus & your energy!

If you think this would be helpful for anyone else, I’d love it if you’d share. Many, many thanks!


Lots of happiness,